Monday, August 22, 2016

YARN is a film by Una Lorenzen about our craft and how it ties us all together. If you can manage to see it, you'll agree that it's fabulous! Una makes yarn craft come alive with stunning yarn art, beautiful photography and extremely talented artists.

The world as it is emerging is rapidly becoming more polarized and introverted. Teens and young adults don't know how to communicate, pre-teens through adults are burying themselves in video games and addictive media behavior, and much of what they are watching is usually trivial at best, but most is damaging. Teaching our youth the value of crafting not only can wean them away from such harmful behaviors, but can restore to them the self esteem that media addiction removes.

Uniting the yarn community is just a start to uniting the world; if you pass along your fiber talents and knowledge you will create a legacy of creativity, inspiration and passion for craft.

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