Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Newsletter

Hello everyone!
Spring is here! Of course, based on last year and the wonderful Cedar City bi-polar weather, we could have a snowstorm at anytime! (Lets hope that doesn't happen...) I hope that all your yarn and craft projects are going well. With this beautiful weather, its hard to stay inside so make sure you've got all your little projects you can take on the go ready to run! We have a some exciting news this past month and some fun announcements for April. Allyson.

Monthly Drawing Winners
First: Charmaine R.
Second: Nina F.
Third: Jamie G.
Congratulations! Don't forget to come in and get your prize!

New Yarns
We will be getting some more yarns during April so be sure to check the store for them! As for March, we've gotten a few new yarn lines in and they are all absolutely beautiful. 

This worsted yarn is a blend of 55% nylon and 45% acrylic. We brought this yarn in for the crochet community since it's quite popular right now, but we encourage knitters to use it as well. Unlike most acrylic, this one doesn't pill and is 100% softer than anything you could find at large chain stores. Here is a link to a free pattern that would be beautiful to make out of this yarn: Mandala Geometric Crochet Blanket

Serendipity Tweed
This beautiful DK yarn is made out of 60% cotton and 40% wool. It creates a beautiful pattern when crocheted or knitted thanks to the alternate color wound with the yarn.

​Art Yarns
These are the new colors we have for our art yarns. The colors pop out so much!

Heritage Paints
These are the new Cascade Heritage Paints, Hand Painted Yarn. They are the same as the Heritage Print sock yarn, but are hand dyed to create a unique color pattern.

Cascade 220 New Colors
We got 10 new colors this month of our 220. Here is a link to a free pattern that would be perfect for this yarn: Amazing Cable Panel Vest Note: You'll need to have a Lion Brand account to be able to view this pattern. It's completely free to sign up. 

Local Creations
The yarn of the month is all our local yarns! They will be 5% off for the month of April so come in and get some while they last!

Brave New World
Brave New World is run by Tiffany here in Cedar City. Tiffany hand spins all her own yarn. She has a lot of fun spinning and definitely prefers fiber work to house work. 

Yak Silk
This yarn is a beautiful blend of 50% yak and 50% silk. It is super soft and will keep you nice and warm. The Yak Silk is the darker yarn in the picture below. 

Camel Silk
This yarn is a blend of 50% baby camel and 50% silk. It will keep you toasty during the cold winter. This yarn is the lighter one in the picture below.
Here is a link to a free pattern that either of these yarns would be great for: Knitting, and Crochet 

Camel Micron
This yarn is made out of 50% baby camel and 50% micron merino. In the picture below, it's the middle cream colored yarn. 

Yak Yarn
This yarn is 100% yak and unbelievably soft. In the picture, it's the dark brown yarn. 

Angora Yarn
This amazing yarn is made from 100% angora. It's so warm and soft you won't believe it. This yarn is the pure white one to the left of the other two. 

Corn Creek Fibers
Corn Creek Fibers is run by Joelle and her husband Scott out in Kanosh. Joelle has a beautiful eye for color and spins some amazing yarns. Scott also creates beautiful pieces of wood work like the drop spindles pictured below. 

Silk Bombyx
This new yarn is made of 100% silk and feels like a dream. It comes in many vibrant colors that shine in the light. Here is a link to a free pattern for this yarn: Knitting and Crochet

Hand Painted Alpaca
These yarns are 100% hand painted alpaca and is a DK weight. Perfect for keeping warm!

Jillian Bulky
This bulky yarn is hand painted and space dyed. It's made out of 100% micron merino. Here is a link to a free pattern that would be great for this yarn: Knitting and Crochet

Drop Spindles
These are the beautiful drop spindles that Scott makes when he's not spinning yarn. 

Shop Happenings

We have the Master Knitting class coming up on the 25th and 27th.
The sock class with continue until April 28th every Tuesday.
We will be having a lace workshop toward the end of May and will give out more information as the date gets closer. 

UFO Night
Have those pesky unfinished object (UFO) that's been sitting in the corner for a while? Well every Friday night from 4-10, you can come on in and we will help you finish it! Come sit around the table with others who have been putting off that project for a while as well. It can be yarn related, paper crafts or even hand stitching! Even if you have a project that you just started and want to come sit and work on it or are trying to start a new one, come in and join us!

That's it for this month. Be sure to check for updates about new yarns we will be getting throughout April! Enjoy all your projects!

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