Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Yarns and Projects! :D

Hello all! Allyson here to tell you about some new yarns that we have as well as some projects!

 First we have the lovely Thyra's arm showing the new yarns we've recieved from Handspun by Ophelia! Each skein is handspun locally and are absolutely beautiful. The fiber content ranges from wool, to bamboo,to alpaca, to silk and milk! There are different sizes of each yarn, so you could make that scarf for the upcoming winter or maybe a baby blanket. Come on in and check them out!

 Here is a project that we have in the shop. It was made by crocheting with the Touch Me yarn. This was actually from one of our teacup patterns kits! This scarf is beautiful and very warm. Stop by just to feel it. It's super soft! :D
 Here is a crocheted cornucopia! Great for the Thanksgiving table! This is being offered as a class, so if you would like to make on, give us a call or come on in and sign up!
 Here are some crocheted snowflakes.
 And here is a knitted one!
These little guys are ornaments that you could hang up on your Christmas tree or just in the window! The crochet ones are also being offered as a class, so if you're interested, call, or come on in to sign up!
 Here is a brick pattern knit hat, made by Bonnie. This lovely hat is super cute and super warm.
 This is an adorable knit fingerless glove. It has a long cuff so it will keep your arms nice and warm!
Here is the lovely Bonnie, modeling the matching leg warmers. These will keep your legs warm as well and look great!
Lastly, this is a knitted glove. This could be made into a texting glove, by adding the thread that we have available here in the store!

We also have a tumblr page now!
Go check us out! We'll be posting projects and yarns! 

That's all for this update. Happy knitting/crocheting!

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